About D8 Seed Bank


1)     D-8 Ministers of Agriculture Meeting on Food Security in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 25th -27th February 2009 has agreed to establish D-8 Seed Bank. It is also agreed that the activities for the establishment of D-8 Seed Bank would be leaded by Turkey in collaboration with Iran.

2)     The first meeting was held 21-24 July-2009 in “International Agricultural Research and Training Centre-Menemen-Izmir/TURKEY”.

3)     The Second Meeting of the D-8 Working Group on Seed Bank was convened on 16 May 2011 in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, with the participation of delegates from Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia and Turkey. It is also agreed that the activities for the establishment of D-8 Seed Bank would be leaded by Turkey in collaboration with Iran.

4)     “The Third Meeting of the Working Group on Seed Bank” was convened 03-04 July 2012 in İzmir, TURKEY, with the participation of delegates from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey.

Turkey was asked to prepare a project paper in accordance to the suggested drafts by Iran and additional contribution by Turkey as a model. The draft project paper will then be distributed by the D-8 Secretariat to the other countries as an example. Turkey agreed that by the end of September the guideline of the project paper will be prepared and distributed to all member countries.

Storage timing for each crop must be put into consideration. The most common crops which are wheat, rice and maize are selected as model crops for this project.

5)     “The Fourth Meeting of the Working Group on Seed Bank” was convened 03 October 2012 in Mataram, Indonesia, with the participation of delegates from Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria and Turkey.

Turkey has presented the template of the seed bank proposal that focused on wheat, rice, and maize among the 8 commodities nominated. The structure of the proposed model national seed bank composed of budget, management, and administration. The total budget is approximately 15 million USD.

All present member countries adopted the proposal of Turkey. Each country should supply the data needed and submitted to D8 Secretariate by the end of 2012. The meeting recommends that the D8 Secretariate should finalize the seed bank proposal.

The D8 secretariate should explore finance sources.

All present member countries agreed to the following events to be implemented before the next ministerial meeting. The detail will be discussed in the next working group meeting.

A. Exchange of Expert:

(1) Workshop on harmonization for the D-8 seed certification system

(2) Workshop on harmonization of the D-8 variety registration

(3) Workshop on ISTA rules, sanitary and phytosanitary

B. Genetic material and seed exchange:

(1) Harmonization of the evaluation method for breeding

(2) Construct Standard Rules for D-8 material transfer agreement (D-8 MTA).

According to the result of constructation, germplasm exchange for research and would be according to D-8 MTA

Seed exchange of released varieties for adaptation trial according to consultation among D-8 member countries.

C. Establishment of the D-8 Seed Council

6)     The Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria hosted “the 5th Meeting of the Working Group on Seed Bank” 4 December 2013, Abuja – Nigeria. Egypt, Nigeria, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan and Malaysia attended the meeting.

The decisions taken at the meeting are summarized below.

  •  The Meeting agreed and ratified the action plan and areas of cooperation adopted in Mataram, Indonesia, October 4th 2012 and ratified in Abuja, Nigeria, December 4th 2013.
  •   The delegates discussed the need of the D-8 Seed Bank web page and agreed on new project proposal. Turkey proposed the development and hosting of the D-8 Seed Bank Website – by 6th Seed Bank Working Group Meeting. 
  •  The 6th D-8 Seed Bank Working Group meeting has been fixed for June/July 2014 after the seed certification and seed registration workshop in Iran. The delegates appreciated the willingness of Iran to host the next Seed Bank Working Group meeting. 
  • Turkey on its part presented a template for the establishment of a national seed bank for three (3) crops (Wheat, Rice and Maize). The presentation dwelt on the construction work, management, administration and cost estimate (approximately 15 million USD). Each member country need to fill up the proposal accordingly and submitted to the lead country, Turkey before March 31st, 2014.
  •   Malaysia’s presentation was an update based on the input of the seed bank working group meeting in Mataram, Indonesia. The presenter shared experience of ASEAN Seed Council, which provided a platform for information sharing on various aspects of seed industry. 

In accordance with the decision taken in Nigeria;

  • As the prime mover, TURKEY requested to host a workshop on 03-05 July 2014 in Diyarbakır/TURKEY. The meeting planned to be held in GAP International Agricultural Research and Training Center was postponed due to lack of quorum.
  •   Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock, Republic of Turkey has prepared the "D-8 Seed Bank Web Page" as it was committed.